Urban Orienteering Trials 2005

This is an annotated list of the checkpoints at the National Urban Orienteering Trials - Bristol 2005 which took place on Friday 22nd April 2005. (the map of all the points can be found here) A team that included members of claimed first prize on this occasion.

CheckpointGrid Ref.DescriptionTaskPoints
10000358884173750The Cube Cinema (map)Collect a programme of events5
10001358805173601BRI swimming poolSwim 10 x lengths10
10002359681174118Ashley Area Housing Office, Ashley House, 98-100 Grosvenor RoadCollect a Housing Benefit application form5
10003359886173992Newfoundland DIYBuy small brass hinges5
10004359776173843St Paul's Sports AcademyGet a sports card application form5
10005360122174664E&H Health & Bread ShopBuy a cherry slice5
10006359918174593Better Food Company (map)Buy a small Green and Black's chocolate bar5
10007359288174293Herberts Bakery (map)Buy a chocolate croissant5
10008358870172951Portuguese Taste take away St Ncholas Markets?Buy and eat lunch10
10009358724173017Guilbert's Handmade Chocolates' factory (map)Buy some chocolate seconds5
10010358528172970 Council Tax Office, Pipe Lane (map)Get a queue ticket5
10011358186173117 Taveira Lebanese take awayBuy and eat lunch10
10012357839173283Fresh and Wild (map)Buy and eat lunch10
1001335744417319620th Century Flicks (map)Become a member15
10014357523173249Bristol University Student's Union swimming pool (map)Swim 10 x lengths10
10015357051173051Clifton Village Chandos DeliBuy and eat a sandwich5
10016356557173272 Clifton Observatory" Visit Giant's Cave5
10017356352173951Top of Avon Gorge Main Wall Below hereContemplate your progress10
10018356163174464Avon Gorge New Quarry below hereClimb full length of the wall20
10019356486174721Whitebeam tree near here (wikipedia)Pick some berries5
10020354978175855Sea Mills Railway Station (map) TimetableCatch the train to Montpelier15
10021358609174535LivingWell Health Club (map)Get an application form5
10022359216174537Montpellier railway station TimetableCatch train to Clifton Down15
10023357486174628Wild Oats Natural FoodsBuy a Liquorice stick5
10024357348174833Blackboy Hill Male Urinals near hereUrinate5
10025357176174924Durdham down public toiletsDeficate10
10026357072175008The Durdham Downs cafeBuy and drink a hot chocolate5
10027359055173520Bear Pit women's public toiletUrinate5
10028359080173530Bear Pit men's public toiletUrinate5
10029359018173666Target Electronics (map)Buy male uhf plug5
10030359074173774SprintersPhotocopy your hand5
10031359136174057Stokes Croft Internet CafePrint out
10032359174174168The Bristolian Cafe (no longer exists under that name and didn't at time of trials!) (map)Buy and eat breakfast10
10033359155173799Knightstone Housing Association (map)Get a Bristol housing register form5
10034359691173641Staples (map)Buy a box of chalk5
10035359786174305 Tasties cafeBuy and eat a meal10
10036360178174488Mina Road Park male public urinal (map)Unirate5
10037358814173018HSBC Corn StPay £x into bank account:; 40-02-08; 71190849x
10038358836173213Job Centre Plus (map)Log onto a job seeker direct terminal15
10039358566172735Narrow Quay Ferry TerminalCatch the ferry to Hotwells10
10040358255172688 College Green - Central Library (map)(architecture)Become a member20
10041358336172859Sue Sheppard Staff Bureau (map)Register for temp work10
10042358526172696The Watershed (map)Get a film programme5
10043358049173193Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery (map)Get a 'Whats on' guide5
10044357477172710Goldney GrottoInfiltrate and document25
10045356430173280Bristol City Council bomb proof archiveInfiltrate and document15
10046356230174260St Vincent's SpringInfiltrate and document15
10047358923173254The Bridewell Police Station (map)Read letters of thanks5
10048359952173264Money-go-Round Bristol Inner City Credit UnionJoin Money-go-Round10
1004935836117310150:50 skate shopGet a 50:50 sticker5
10050358349172846College Green HSBC bankPay £x into bank account:; 40-02-08; 71190849x
10051359136174076The Here Shop (map)Volunteer for work5
10052358313173551Bristol University Humanities Library (map)Infiltrate and document5
10053357685174742The Redland police station (map)Apply to join the police5
10054359170174379Montpelier Health Centre Get a registration form5
10055358914172632Welsh Back Health Club (map)Get an application form5
10056357848173225Clifton Heights bus stop (map)Catch bus to Durdham Downs water tower (timetables)15
10057358582172441The Arnolfini (map)Get a programme of events5
10058358873174758Maplin Electronics(map)Buy female uhf plug 5
10059358834173499Bus station taxi rank (map)Take a taxi to Bristol Bridge10
10060357577174442Whiteladies Road HSBC bankPay £x into bank account:; 40-02-08; 71190849x
10061358536172878Boots (map)Get a Boots Advantage card5
10062359785174882Apple tree (map)Collect a windfall apple5
10063358782172974Corn Street Natwest Bank atmBeg for £5 from atm users5
10064356995173028Lloyds TSB atmGive money to beggar5
10065359261173097Cherry tree (here?)Obtain a cutting5
10066357903172889Brandon Hill public bench (map)Observe the view5
10067357530173166Wall on Richmond LaneWrite your name with chalk5