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When's The Next Bus
WNB (when's the next bus?) is a simple command-line utility that will give you the next Trimet arrival times if you give it the stop id. It is written in the tradition of UNIX utilities that aim to do one thing and do it well. To run it type something like this wnb 1099 (replacing 1099 with your stop id). It is intended to be a quick and easy way to find the next bus time if you are sitting at a computer and don't want to fire up a web browser just for that. You can also specify a default stop id if you want to speed things up any further, useful if you are in the habit of leaving at the last minute.

This is version 0.2.1. It has been rewritten in Python to make for a smaller download and more portability. It requires the current stable version of Python (2.7.3) to be installed. Python is available, for free, for many operation systems and comes preinstalled with most Linux/UNIX systems including Mac OS X. Python is also available for Windows, though you should note that wnb has only been tested on Linux and OS X. If you are on Windows you might need to run is as 'python wnb'.
wnb [stop id]
You can specify a default stop by creating a .stopid file in your home directory that contains the stop id by itself on a single line (don't use # before it).
Save the file wnb.tgz at the link below. (Right/Ctrl click on the link below and chose 'Save link as'.) Double click it to uncompress it and then save the file wnb somewhere in your path. You can find this by running echo $PATH in the terminal. /usr/local/bin is a good choice if you have administrator privileges. If it does not work you should check the file is executable by running (sudo) chmod +x wnb. You can also download wnb by itself. If you are running OS X you might find your version of Python is out of date. You can get the current version on the Python website. If you do this you might need to change the first line of the file to read #!/usr/local/bin so it uses the correct python verison.
Download latest version:
wnb.tgz Compressed, contains licence & instructions.
wnb file only.
Change Log:
0.2 Rewritten in Python
0.2.1 Added checks for delays, cancellations etc.

Distributed under the GPL (GNU Public Licence Version 3).

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